Monday, September 09, 2013

How To Get Airtel 4GB Data Bundle For #1500 With Validity Of 2 Months

   Few months ago, Airtel lunched new blackberry data plan of #1500 and it was officially said by Airtel that is unlimited but unfortunately we discovered that it is just 2GB caped. But am happy to tell that there is a way to get 4Gb with that same #1500 and it will last for two months, this is not a tweak, so be rest assured that it will not be blocked till his validity period expires. It is purely from Airtel to blackberry users, but as we all know, Airtel blackberry plans works on all Phones and PC.
 The worst part of it is that it is not all Airtel lines will be able to accept this subscription, to verify either your line will be among of beneficiary just follow the below procedure:

  Before you load airtime of #1500 to your phone for this subscription, First dial *440*161#. You will receive  a message 'Insufficient balance' It means you are eligible for the offer Proceed with loading #1500 to your account and follow the below procedure to get 4gb
But if you dial the code and you receive a message that you are not eligible for this offer, don't load the money on it because it will not work on it.

    After you have confirmed your line eligibility, follow the below procedure to get 4gb for 2 months:

     Load your Airtel line with #1,500 airtime.                                       
    Then dial *440*161#.
    You'll be credited with 4.2GB data bundle valid for 60 days.
    Dial *141*712*0# or *123*10# to check your data bundle balance.

      No special setting required, just insert that SIM to your modem or phone, connect with normal Airtel setting you are using before and you are good to go.

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